To clients interested in selling, buying or leasing commercial properties such as shops, show rooms, hotels etc., selling or purchasing business licences (e.g. bars and restaurants) or commercial/industrial enterprises, VIOLANTE REALTY offers:

An analysis of the client’s requirements, following a personalised property search, customised so as to avoid wasting time through prolonged inquiries;
An evaluation of the properties’ precise market value (with regards to selling or buying) or of lease price, on the basis of the studio’s 35 year long experience, along with continuously updated market analysis of the associations (FIMAA, FIABCI, AICI) cooperating with the studio;
Promotion of the property through appropriate marketing (both printed, on a local or national scale, via the studio’s website and the internet’s main property search engines);
Potential clients searches within the studio’s available data-bases;
Property searches via NETWORKING UNICA or with the help of the 200 professional agencies with which VIOLANTE REALTY has enjoyed years of fruitful collaboration;
Assistance with drawing up preliminary agreements, preliminary contracts, notarial deeds or lease contracts.